This page is available to 3rd grade teachers in CMS to share ideas, resources, etc. to excite students about learning through science.

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Google Drive available to CMS Teachers Only. This Google Drive folder is mostly the same information as found on this page, but there will be materials added that are copy right and only available to CMS teachers.

3rd Grade Resource Guide:

3rd Grade Science Kits for 2013-2014

Here are hands-on activities for third grade science that align with the Essential Standards. New kits will be phased in over the next three years starting with kits this Fall. Teachers should continue to use materials from the McGraw-Hill kits to supplement hands-on science for our students.

Resources from 2012 Summer Stem:
One of the handouts used at the June 26/27 STEM Institute.

Another handout from the June 26/27 STEM Institute.

Directions for stations to explore concepts in 3.P.3 - Energy.