This page is available to 4th grade teachers in CMS to share ideas, resources, etc. to excite students about learning through science.

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Resources for 4th Grade Science on the CMS Google Drive. Note - most of these resources are also on this wiki, but there are additional resources that we can share only with CMS teachers due to copy right protection.

More resources on the UNC Charlotte webpage.

4th Grade Science Kits for 2013-2014
There are 19 files in this zipped folder with detailed activities for the materials in the 4th grade science kits. Thanks to Susan Davis for her work on creating these activities and sharing lesson ideas/starters.

4th Grade Pacing Guide

This is a unit study guide for Earth History created and shared by Donald Miller,4th grade science teacher at Palisades Park ES.

The following NASA activities will help you enrich and enhance student learning about the solar system and the moon.


Forces and Motion

Matter: Properties and Change

Energy: Conservation and Transfer
Lots of science games related to light:
Experiments and activities related to light:

Earth in the Universe
Moon Phase Song set to the tune of Cee Lo Green's "Forget You"
Lunar cycle challenge - fill the correct moon phases in the calendar:
Some good information:
Some activities to go with moon phases:

Earth History
Great for a SMARTboard station:

Animal Adaptations Games:
Human Adaptation:
Free Traveling Trunks for Sharks and Whales (must pay return shipping)

Molecular Biology