This "Take Me Out to the Card Game" file is an activity I created that integrates science, math, and engineering challenges. It is suitable for any grade level ...1st-5th grade. I have been using this at Collingswood Language Academy STEAM Day with 1st grade students. Wayne Fisher Feb 2017

This is the information you need to enter a team in the 2nd Annual Charlotte Model Water Tower Competition to be held November 7th, 2015 at the Franklin Water Treatment Plant. This contest is a fun one and an excellent opportunity for students to work individually or in teams of up to four students to design and build a model water tower. It is a problem based project that would very well at schools that have STEM Clubs or opportunities for teams of students to collaborate in small groups such as our IB and Montessori schools and at any school where there is a TD Catalyst Teacher. For more information email This project can be started and finished in a 1-2 week time period.

Summary of STEM Initiatives in CMS that Impact Teacher Practice and Student Achievement

These are suggested activities using KNEX to help students master the essential standards for science for grades K-5.

This is a more detailed lesson plan using KNEX to help students learn about force and motion.